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The Nailed Sequence

from Lobster Telephone No. 34

I buy a piece of wood, a hammer and some six inch nails. It is time to talk about copulation, faeces, death, food, space and dinosaurs now. I roll up my right sleeve and place over that arm a special wire frame with large rubber legs to hold it in place. I rest a nail in the frame, against the special teflon sleeve that holds it and allows it to move down.

Holding the hammer in my left hand I whack in the first nail. Let us talk about copulation. It is the act that leads to the existance of all of us (except those few, the results of invitro insemination), but still people are afraid to talk about it, but at the same time it controls many people's actions. When males say they find a female attractive, they mean they would like to insert their penis into her vagina. This writing is not pornography as I am not glamourising copulation or trying to turn anyone on... neither am I trying to shock... I am just pointing out that something so basic has become obscene, is the real obscenity; it is like having a life based on lies

Blood spurting now from the nail near my wrist. I slide the frame up and knock in number two. I've hit a nerve and it makes my hand shudder involuntarily in fading tetanoid sequencies. Excretion is another interesting point. Everyone excretes but you never see people entering or leaving toilets except in comedy programmes or where they are drug smugglers tying black around their waists with tape or flushing smack down the loo, with police hard on their tails. And shit brings us all together. The Queen craps, the judges crap, all the page three girls and macho actors crap. Christ crapped (I'm not trying to be blasphemous, I'm just stating a probable fact... after all, there is nothing wrong with having a shit, in fact its very pleasurable... because its necessary).

Nail number three smashes through bone lines and sinews near the elbow. Extreme end splintering sound. It is death and it's friend birth that we hide from like it was our enemy, and at the same time we mock it like it was a curse. But think about it... it gives purpose to life. You've got to make the best of the moment, stop lying or hurting others or wasting time, do something constructive before old friend death comes and stops you...: And birth it is wonderful, but it is blood and mucous and pain and scream and ultimate vast consequencies; yet it is hardly ever mentioned... and when it is, its all cots and babies talk and ga go ga, not reality, scream and cry and quiet contentment of baby sucking food from its mother's breast... that is reality... and anyway; all this baby talk is taught to babies by adults, hammering the first control nail of the sequence.

Number four nail smashes the elbow joint and blood runs down back into the skin impression surrounding number three which was I'll admit hammered in rather tight on the wooden board. Ah food. Its eaten and mashed up and dissolved. Its symbolic of the mess of the human psyche in the modern civilized society, oh ye indeed. We all find vomit repulsive, but its only vomit when its on the outside. Its always down there as food. Okay, we don't have to puke but what's wrong with the fact that food gets digested. And food, food ____ its necessary for life, but what is obscene ___ scum, scum ________ that whilst our brothers and sisters starve, there are those ________________, system itself will do that, __________ _______________ and bust. Sploitch!!

I lean over to my right more and shift frame up slowly. Blood everywhere now as they say. I bang in nail number five, but don't get it through the wood. Meanwhile thirty light years across space (and time) a small piece of rock a few miles across, circles a great yellow burning star. People hardly ever talk about space, only children and sci-fi freaks, but space is not only the ream of children, and its nothing to do with science. It is reality. We live in it. It is most of what the universe is made of. We live in the vast incredible unknown. This is not talked of much. People like to kid themselves and others that everything is sewn up, that we understand everything and live in a boring world. These are filthly evil scum lies.

I bash the last nail though my shoulder blade and all sorts of fluids start spewing out everywhere. Not much time, only millions of years I finally mention dinosaurs. Dinosaur is a word we use to describe a very diverse group of animals. They were in existance as a group for over a hundred million years, and only became extinct sixty five million years ago. Some of them were fifty feet tall and weighed a hundred tons. These particular animals lived in herds. Herds of living towers. They were not monsters. They were living feeling animals. Now they are put aside. The knowledge of their existance is made acceptable for children... Otherwise people might start realising what a strange and wonderful world we live in; the final nail in and blood spurting.

I notice then that the liquids start flowing out of the nail wound line are not all red. There is some unknown blue green luminescent fluid coming out. I suspect what it is; I grab round for my knife, and use it to open up my stomach. Out falls a pulsating slimehead; jelly creature living off the hidden truths, put away but still in my stomach. It feeds off these things and excretes its poisons which flow through all my body. This is a metaphore for what we are doing. We hide away the real world and are brought down and made pathetic by this, by the jelly slimeheads that dwell with us feeding off our self lies.

From reality through language words and fear, all the way to being ashamed of our own bodies and completed by our mind. This is the Nailed Sequence oh yes it is.

© The Barry Powell Organisation.