[Lobster Telephone Home]

Lobster Telephone No.34

[Wake up you idiots, you're a marketing strategy]
[A manifesto for Peace, Liberation and Survival]
[Car Culture]
[Cryo Babies]
[Lobster Telephone Phr*aking]
[Sod Rover]
[A state of life...]
[Virtual Reality, Virtual Negation?]
[Self-mutilator returned to jail]
[Nailed Sequence]
[Men in Black]
[Think for yourself]
[Fuck Art, lets kill!]
[Network 1]
[Network 2]
[Cannibal Insects on Acid]
[Fucking Drugs eh?]
[A brave new 1984]
[Mail Order]
[Chaostics 1]
[Chaostics 2]
[Potato Head]
[If this is Heaven, I'm bailing out]
[Harry Sadist 1]
[Harry Sadist 2]
[Harry Sadist 3]
[Harry Sadist 4]
[Harry Sadist 5]
[Harry Sadist 6]
[Harry Sadist 7]
[Tommy Sez...]
[Discville 1]
[Discville 2]
[All those wasted years]
[Back Cover]