[Lobster Telephone Home]

Lobster Telephone No.32

[Visionary Shit]
[Lee Scratch Perry Speaks]
[The forensic lab]
[Rapedog and Entrail]
[Motherfuckin Revolution]
[Aural Augasm]
[Lobster Telephone Phreaking]
[Dangerous Visions]
[People translated as Data]
[Dennis the Nemesis]
[Cute free zone]
[I hate you all]
[With a gun in my hand]
[Aggressive school of Art]
[De Kings Speech]
[Nottingham Thing...]
[Towers Open Fire]
[Gary David, Psychopath]
[An age of barbarism]
[Teenscene 1]
[Teenscene 2]
[Teenscene 3]
[Teenscene 4]
[Jesus Loves You]
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