[Lobster Telephone Home]

Lobster Telephone No.28

[Fun for the whole Manson family]
[They hate dogs on other planets too]
[Rushdie Gets Armed]
[Urban Pacification Progeam]
[The Morgue]
[Scummy Scum Scum DIY]
[Accidents of History]
[For Disaster Victims]
[Jesus Christ Superbrat]
[They are yours for your desire]
[Sally & Cilla, they're out t'Kill Ya!]
[The Plush Column]
[Health Wealth Power 1]
[Health Wealth Power 2]
[TeenScene 1]
[TeenScene 2]
[TeenScene 3]
[TeenScene 4]
[TeenScene 5]
[TeenScene 6]
[TeenScene 7]
[Who, or what, is Barry Powell]
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