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Rapedog and Entrail

from Lobster Telephone No. 32

These are the Names of the real gods that are worshipped by the civilised organised centralised system controlled society. They say they worship gods and they give these Gods names and human characteristics, but the majority worship by their actions the dark filth, the destroyers that they have created by forgetting the world and the only Real and True God. The universe itself.

But anyway, Rapedog and Entrail. Let the flow begin... The three filth scum deities that we have created by all our destruction and most of all by our dominating, Rapedog, Entrail and Industrialfilth worm, all the way from the gutters, the abertoires full of red decaying smiling children words, "eat your beef dear if you want to grow up to be a Rapedog minion".

Rape Dog is the personification of Domination. It is male because most domination, though not all, is male. Rapedog is the manifestation of what the civilised human beings have become, and what they think they are. They think they are better than everything else. The crazy evil filth among them try to be better than all their own kind. Therefore by definition the rulers are the lowest, because they want to screw and rape everything, to dominate. Rape is an act of domination, more than just of fuck. And a dog is a creature that follows a pack leader. Rape Dog is the God we pay when we rape and fuck and control its all the same, when we think we are better than others, anything we are paying in blood and sperm and entrails and corpses Rape Dog itself. Rape is not a sexual act. It is an act of domination. Fuck is not always a sexual act. It is an act of domination, also.

It is all melting in; laws, weapons, penis forced into vagina or anuses, laws forced into peoples heads, weapons forced into peoples sides... Rapedog in a clean suit with a stable mind eating brains and writing reports on it in triplicate. Rapedog as anyone who thinks they are better, it is Rape dog, eating leaving meat all blood screaming... copulating and eradicating into the brains of the innocent, mucous turning and running. Think of Rapedog when you think of control, when you think you are better than others, when you laugh at that which you don't understand, you are feeding Rapedog, and you are connected to it by dripping entrail lines.

And Entrail, the other, it is the blood congealing behind the bacon in the breakfast cosy newspaper mornings of the complacent world. And the trees being cut down for day after day of million crap words in those newspapers. That is Entrail. Entrail and Rapedog hide each other, but they are there, and all the cosy lives that look down on animals and humans alike, and who hide murder behind words and politics, they are kneeling and supplicating and fawning and sucking off Rapedog the destroyer. And these Gods do not exist, except that we create them.

When we finally admit that we worship these things by our actions, then we can change our actions, but now, behind all the jolly decent things there is murder and blood and rape and teeth and scream and scream and scream.

A nail through the neck of a live swan, hammered to a tree, young hands, and they run home in shorts to watch telly and eat their beans.

And Rapedog and Entrail stand behind the world human rule and watch the stupid wars and any terrorism and any hate and they eat and eat it and swell and burst and parts of them grow on and into any who have paid homage to them.

© The Barry Powell Organisation date unknown.