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Barry Powell dies...

from Lobster Telephone No. 30

As you can probably imagine, this feels really strange, I've never had to write an obituary before but that's what I have to do now. A couple of weeks ago Barry Powell committed suicide. We're not really sure of when where or why, we just know he did it, and understandably we're all quite pissed off about it, Barry wrote a lot of stuff for us, and there wasn't a single piece I didn't like.

It seems like he was with us from the start but he started sending stuff to us two years back, very roughly, and became one of the only regular things in Lobster.

At the time of his death we were in the middle of putting together a comic collaboration between Barry and Dominic Morris of 'Teenscene' fame. We were all very excited about it, but now we're not even sure whether Barry finished it. If we can, we'll get that out. I'll miss him, I hope you will, we're all very sad. What else can I say?

-- Edd Hillier